A Real Well
$4.00 - $14.00

Authentic African Net Sponges - Open to choose size

The African Net Sponge, also known as "Sapo", is native to Ghana and several other West African countries. These are authentic and made of 100% Nylon, extremely durable and considered one of the greatest hidden secrets to exfoliating from head to toe. it's anti-Microbial properties assist in deep cleansing the skin and regenerating cell turnover and improving the skins texture. Unlike regular sponges and wash clothes, Sapo dries fast and does not hold bacteria.

Excellent to use with bar or liquid soaps. It can be used to clean and exfoliate the entire body. Use 3-4 times weekly, and your skin will become noticeably clearer, softer, and smoother. If used gently, can be used daily.

BENEFITS of use:
• Increases lather
• Reduces the amount of soap and water needed for shower
• Allows you to reach hard to reach areas like the back
• Improves blood circulation
• Very practical and can be carried everywhere and dries fast preventing the accumulation of germs and bacteria.
• Exfoliates the skin fighting against ingrown hairs and reinforcing the effectiveness of your moisturizer after the shower.

Comes in multiple sizes - these are the sizes not stretched.

Small is 9x6" (face cloth)
Medium is 17x15"
Large is 16x30"

Each size is extremely stretchable, washable and retains it's durability for years without losing its shape or quality.