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Avocado Carrot Oil

Avocado Carrot Oil

This is our best seller and this potent oil is made in-house! It works wonders on cuticles, nails, hair/beards, and of course your skin!

Carrot Root Oil combined with Avocado Oil provides a host of benefits from head-to-toe due to its deep moisturizing properties.

HAIR: It conditions, strengthens, protects and moisturizes your hair and aids in healthy hair growth and prevention of split ends.

SKIN: Carrot Root Oil is rich in antioxidants which not only deeply moisturizes and protects the skin; but is an effective anti-aging oil diminishing fine lines and wrinkles, helping to restore elasticity and firmness.

*Please patch test a small area of skin to check for allergies or adverse skin reactions prior to use. All products are "use at your own risk" and we cannot be responsible for reactions due to allergies or skin sensitivities as all ingredients are listed.